sghbc Committee & COACHES 2017-18


Sophie Mattar

Hi, my name is Sophie. I’m currently a P-year medical student, and also the boat club Secretary this year. I was completely new to rowing when I joined the club as a fresher, and am now in my 4th year of rowing. My job as Secretary involves organising committee meetings, taking minutes, ordering kit and working with the club’s President and Treasurer to keep the club running smoothly. I am also the club’s Welfare Officer, and an important aspect of both my roles is collecting feedback from the club and making sure that all member’s views are represented at committee meetings. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Vice - President

Branko Prica

Hello, I’m Branko - this year’s Vice President. I’m a final year medical student and have spent 5 years at SGHBC, witnessing the club grow a lot throughout this period. Last year was an exceptional year for the boat club in many areas—namely the increased alumni involvement with and an impressive charity erg event. This year I aim to actively support this impressively knowledgeable committee in continuing these successes of recent years but also to expand in certain areas such as educational support for students. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me at


Alex Denley

Hi, I’m Alex and I’m currently in my final year of Biomedical Sciences. I’ve been a part SGHBC for two years and served as Vice Captain last year – I have loved every moment! The club has become a massive part of my life and everyone in it have become like a family to me. This year I am Treasurer,;I look after all the boat club’s finances. I work closely with the Branko and Alberto to ensure that the club stays up-and-running, as well as making sure you all feel welcome as part of the club! Finally, a less fun (but equally important) role is to collect subscription fees to ensure the club keeps rowing! If you have any questions or queries, contact me at

Men's Captains

Oliver Ryan & George Mitchell

Hi, we’re Ollie and George, the SGHBC men’s captains for the year 2017/18. We have been in club for 4 and 3 years respectively. Ollie began rowing at St George's in his first year, and George began rowing before Univeristy with Newark Club, competing at Henley and National Schools among others while he was there. Our role is to co-ordinate the men’s squad for outings, land training, and races. We make sure that the squad is on target to meet our goals and individual athletes are developing. We would like to see the men's squad become competitive not only on a United Hospitals level but a national level. We are lucky to be working with Stu Pearce this year as the men’s head coach, and even more lucky to be working with the George's men rowers,  who we will be working with to make sure this is a golden (and green) year for SGHBC men.

Women's Captains

Steven Gilbert and Juliet Purdy

We’re Steven and Juliet and we’re the Women’s Captains for 2018/19. We both learnt to row at George’s and have been members of SGHBC for 6 and 3 years respectively. Juliet has rowed in fresher, 2nd VIII and 1st VIII crews while Steven began his SGHBC career rowing for the Men’s Squad and has since coached the Women’s 2nd VIII in the lead up to Bumps 2017, becoming the principle Women’s Squad coach in 2017/18, a position he continues to hold this year. It’s our job to organise water and land training for the Women’s Squad, as well as sorting all the race entries and working closely with the Vice Captains to integrate freshers into the senior crews. Our aim is to listen to our squad and tailor our ambitions to what they want in order for everyone to have fun and achieve their personal aims while rowing this year. If you want to get involved, please don’t hesitate to contact us at m1202896 or


Tamsin Parker

Hiya, I’m Tamsin this year’s cox captain. I’ve represented the club for 4 years now as a rower for the Women’s 1st crew, a cox for the men’s crews and a social sec. This year I aim to train up new, enthusiastic coxes to pull together a safe but fierce coxing squad! We will work on the technique behind rowing and create effective calls to enable our coxes to not only control the boats but coach the crews too. Throughout the year I will be running gym sessions for our coxes as well as squad socials of course! Get in contact if you’re interested in joining us!!! #coxesarepeopletoo

Men's Vice Captains

Sam Massias & Will Morrell

Hi, we are Sam and Will and we are very proud to be the Men's Vice Captains for 2017/18. Our role is to train this years cohort of novice rowers to reach a competitive level with regular water and land sessions. We both joined SGHBC 2 years ago with no previous rowing experience. The Vice Captains back then were vital for our success in our fresher year races and we very much look forward to replicating this role.

Women's Vice Captains

Allenis Mak & Molly O'Donnell 

We are Allenis and Molly and we are the vice captains for the coming year. Our role is to train up the freshers so they reach their full potential. Our aim is to have a strong new cohort of SGHBC women to take on UH #bringhonourtothefamily


Stu Pearce

Hi, as Men’s Coach my aim for the year is to get everyone up to speed with how to move a boat as a crew and to have fun doing it. Coming from, and learning to row at Georges myself, there is nothing I’d like to see more than the Boys smashing UH events once again, and coming away with medals rather than spoons come Bumps!

Head Women's coach

Steven Gilbert

As Women’s Coach this year, my job is give people the tools to develop their physiology and make boats move as fast as possible. This year, SGHBC women will rise like a phoenix from the ashes to tear up the tideway and the rest of UH. This year is almost certainly going to be successful for SGHBC men and women’s squad so be sure to throw yourselves in! Always feel free to grab me if you have any rowing questions and I’ll do my best to answer them!


Christy Moen

Hello, I’m Christy, a graduate entry medical student in my penultimate year. This is my first year of rowing, but the combination of pushing myself physically harder than I ever have, and being able to hang out with a really great bunch of people, has me hooked! This year I’m filling the newly created role of education officer. It’s tough to balance a busy university schedule with a time intensive sport like rowing, and so I’m here to make sure everyone is able to reach their academic potential! Any questions email me

SPONSORSHIP & Fundraising

Jessika Bradley

Hi, I’m Jess and I’m this year’s sponsorship and fundraising officer. My role includes sourcing finance for the club through seeking out potential sponsors and maintaining good relationships with our existing sponsors. I am also involved in organising the club’s charity endeavours – such as the annual 24-hour row. This year I hope to build upon the great work of our previous sponsorship and fundraising officer and raise lots of money for our chosen charities, St. George’s Hospital Charity & Rowing Together For Healthy Minds!


Craig Brooks

Hi, I'm Craig, the Alumni officer this year. My role is to build strong bonds with past members of the club, keeping them involved with our activities and managing the alumni team, the Old Knights and Damsels. Last year saw the first alumni crews entered into several races for the first time in many years and I hope to work with our graduates to build even further on this this year. It's also my job to organise the annual Alumni Race and Dinner - an event not to be missed!


Flora Matthews & Will Knight

Hi we’re Will and Flora and are SGHBC’s boatswains for 2017-2018. Our role is to keep the boats and equipment in good working order so that the crews can get the hours in on the water and go and win medals. Any issues with any of the equipment or boats don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Social Secretaries

Oscar Buchanan, Ben Ramsahoye & Hannah Lidbetter

We are all entering our second year in the boat club and are excited about taking on the role as your Social Secs this year! Our aim is to make life off the water as fun and as welcoming as possible. We organise all the social events including Rowing curries, Weekly Circles, Pub golf and most importantly TOUR! Tour will be the best weekend of the year (possibly your life) with a top secret destination, lots of laughs, drinking and team bonding! Following on from the success of our predecessors ‘sober socials’ will be making a return this year- ensuring everyone is involved. We can’t wait for the best boat club year yet!