sghbc Committee & COACHES 2017-18


Sophie Mattar

Hi, my name is Sophie. I’m a medical student currently intercalating, and also the boat club Secretary this year. I was completely new to rowing when I joined the club as a fresher, and am now in my 5th year of rowing. My job as Secretary involves organising committee meetings, taking minutes, ordering kit and working with the club’s President and Treasurer to keep the club running smoothly. An important aspect of my role is collecting feedback from the club and making sure that all member’s views are represented at committee meetings. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at


Annabel Strachan


Shir Dor

Hi, my name is Shir and I am SGHBC's treasurer for this year. I learned to row a year ago when I joined the boat club as a fresher and caught the rowing bug! My role as treasurer involves working with the President, Secretary, the SU and our sponsors to manage all club finances so that we can keep boats floating and the club running smoothly. My aim for this year is to ensure that money isn't the reason anyone doesn't row, so if you have any financial questions or concerns just let me know - my email is so please get in touch!

Men's Captains

Oscar Buchanan & Tom Moore

Women's Captains

Ellie Hughes & Lucy Jones


Hannah Lidbetter

Men's Vice Captains

Craig Brooks & Ben Ramsahoye

Women's Vice Captains

Ellie Racheeva and Tali Smith

Hi, we are Ellie and Tali and we are delighted to be the Women’s Vice Captains for the 2019/20. We both learnt to row at St. George’s and are entering into our 2nd and 3rd years of rowing for SGHBC respectively. It’s our role this year to arrange both land and water training for the Women’s novices, as well as working closely with the Women’s Captains to help integrate them into the senior crew. We can’t wait to make sure the Fresher’s to reach their maximum potential and win lots of medals #StrongWomen #BleedGreenAndGold  


Oliver Ryan

SPONSORSHIP & Fundraising



Emma Knight



Social Secretaries

Oscar Bandmann, Eoin Jardine & James Sibley