Branko Prica

Hello, I’m Branko - this year’s Vice President. I’m a final year medical student and have spent 5 years at SGHBC, witnessing the club grow a lot throughout this period. Last year was an exceptional year for the boat club in many areas—namely the increased alumni involvement with and an impressive charity erg event. This year I aim to actively support this impressively knowledgeable committee in continuing these successes of recent years but also to expand in certain areas such as educational support for students. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me at m1301208@sgul.ac.uk.



Alberto Vitores

Hi, my name is Alberto and I'm a graduate-entry medical student in P-year. I only began rowing two years ago, but was quickly equally hooked by the physically demanding nature of the sport and laid-back and fun team atmosphere. This academic year I will serve as your Secretary. This entails various duties, such as: setting the agenda for committee meetings, taking minutes, ordering of kit, and helping out with sponsorship. Please don't hesitate to approach me with any ideas or concerns you have regarding the boat club. We are a large society so speak up. I will make sure to bring it up at committee meetings.



Alex Denley

Hi, I’m Alex and I’m currently in my final year of Biomedical Sciences. I’ve been a part SGHBC for two years and served as Vice Captain last year – I have loved every moment! The club has become a massive part of my life and everyone in it have become like a family to me. This year I am Treasurer,;I look after all the boat club’s finances. I work closely with the Branko and Alberto to ensure that the club stays up-and-running, as well as making sure you all feel welcome as part of the club! Finally, a less fun (but equally important) role is to collect subscription fees to ensure the club keeps rowing! If you have any questions or queries, contact me at m1500791@sgul.ac.uk.



Tamsin Parker

Hiya, I’m Tamsin this year’s cox captain. I’ve represented the club for 4 years now as a rower for the Women’s 1st crew, a cox for the men’s crews and a social sec. This year I aim to train up new, enthusiastic coxes to pull together a safe but fierce coxing squad! We will work on the technique behind rowing and create effective calls to enable our coxes to not only control the boats but coach the crews too. Throughout the year I will be running gym sessions for our coxes as well as squad socials of course! Get in contact if you’re interested in joining us!!! #coxesarepeopletoo



Oliver Ryan & George Mitchell

Hi, we’re Ollie and George, the SGHBC men’s captains for the year 2017/18. We have been in club for 4 and 3 years respectively. Ollie began rowing at St George's in his first year, and George began rowing before Univeristy with Newark Club, competing at Henley and National Schools among others while he was there. Our role is to co-ordinate the men’s squad for outings, land training, and races. We make sure that the squad is on target to meet our goals and individual athletes are developing. We would like to see the men's squad become competitive not only on a United Hospitals level but a national level. We are lucky to be working with Stu Pearce this year as the men’s head coach, and even more lucky to be working with the George's men rowers, who we will be working with to make sure this is a golden (and green) year for SGHBC men.